She tickles and teases her subjects, which led to a Grammy award winner chasing her around the studio, resulting in a delightful yet astonishingly powerful image. This is how she gets the best out of the people she works with. Enter our creative temple and you will see portraits shot by her on our walls. However, her image hangs in her school’s Wall of Fame. 
Heads Business & Strategy 
(loosely put Devil and angel combined).
​​​​​​​Topper at Raffles Design School, Singapore. 12 years of being in the brick and mortar space while gaining experience in companies such as Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA), Aedas and many more, she brought in her international (Singapore, Dubai and Chennai) experiential background into all her projects. From 2011 she has been responsible for some iconic images, which culminated in having her first one woman show titled “Arpana” at the Lalit Kala Academy in 2014.

After starting Edge Design House in 2011, she was offered and completed the course at ISB as part of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Entrepreneurship Programme.

Do we follow what we learn? Do we practice what we preach? That is slightly a grey area…
Someone with a fine sense of aesthetics, her every design decision is carefully thought through. Our very own studio will prove that. A guest columnist for The Hindu, a portrait photographer, an interior designer and a singer, Bhargavii Mani is an interesting creative potpourri.
Once he slept on a gunny sack (cow feed) in the neighbourhood provision and was called Kannukutti hence. He was dropped head first when he was a baby by his cousins, which led to dislodgement of some vital parts of his brain. He always walks with his head in the clouds looking for inspiration.
Creative Head
 (the person solely responsible for making Bhargavii a devil)
(, one of the founding members of Loyola Institute of Visual Communication.

Over 32 years in the field of advertising and design, he has  had successful stints in topline agencies like Ogilvy, Mudra and Rubecon as Creative Director, where he launched leading brands like TI cycles’ Street Cat, Fa, Limeshot, Henko Megastar and Sify i-way internet parlours, Chipstead, 6 degrees, Greentrends and also worked on many campaigns for ColorPlus, Citibank, Prince Jewellery, Mahindra Lifespaces, Mahindra World City, CavinKare, Fruitshop, Univercell, Landmark Bookstore and many more.
Kota earned his feathers as a photographer during his eight years in Vienna, Austria, where he worked with renowned photographers, and also acquired a name as a photographer who could create a difference.
18 years of teaching design and a jury member of the Madras Advertising Club, Kota hates symmetry.
Marketing Consultant 
("Hey, here in this pen drive you have the entire collection of MAD Comics", 
is how our meetings with him start)
A seasoned advertising and brand communications professional, with around 20 years of experience in brands across FMCG, Retail, Banking, Media, Telecom & Consumer Electronics. Focused on customer brand experience, a self-driven and team player having the ability to create “good” work by mapping strategic and creative directions for brands.
2018 marks the beginning into the gig economy. With a refreshed and rewired thinking tuned for digital, data driven, start-up era - and focused on providing solutions for brand challenges of the day.
Lead from the front, push from behind, lasso everyone together; whip up spirits – whatever it takes, to create the brand experience, both effective and lasting. Utilizing credentials based on 20 years of experience, knowledge of the new media paradigm and digital disruption - Create opportunities for brand building & community outreach, by creating distinct communication and content for customer engagement.

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